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Brockmeier Law Group first opened our doors in 2009, in the height of the Great Recession, when other firms were laying off workers and trying to find a way to continue the legal practices that they had before the market changed. We began and continue to serve our clients with the same recipe of personalized contact and an eye towards both the recovery for each of our clients and keeping an eye on each clients individualized goals in their cases. We handle a variety of cases and clients both in litigation and contract drafting in negotiation – so we know what it takes to get desired results for all our clients.

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Client Testimonials

I was in a really tough spot against a huge health care provider and felt totally overwhelmed. I was being bullied by a huge corporation even though I knew I had been wronged. John and his team took my case and walked me through from start to finish. John handled every road block and every hurdle they threw at us with their big money and team of lawyers, always advocating on my behalf and being a loyal and true counsel throughout. I wouldn’t have been able to hold them accountable without John and his firm and if I or anyone I care about ever need legal help in the future for ANYTHING WHATSOEVER I’m calling John!


We came to John the BLG team through another attorney with the serious problems we had been having with our landlord for almost a year. We were looking for a way to get out of the lease, and that was all. John looked at the case and reviewed all the documentation before taking it on, and immediately told us the case was worth not only getting out the lease, but that the landlord should be paying us. The house was continually horrible – the roof leaked during winter rains, the AC broke in the summer and we have 2 young kids, they had to replace an entire window due to leaks and moisture, the list goes on. John was able to get us more than we thought it was worth, quicker than we thought he would, and responded to our questions and concerns throughout the entire process. We knew that even though the case wasn’t going to make anyone a millionaire, he cared about our family and cared about making sure the law worked the way it was supposed to work.

Kaitlyn C.

“When I was dealing with separating from my former employer, who was trying to push me to accept a small settlement to walk away, I knew that I was entitled to more and called John. I spoke to him directly, repeatedly, as the case progressed. He was timely in his responses, and provided explanations for technical legal ideas that were new to me so I could understand my options. John and BLG were my advocates when my employer was trying to terminate me after I made reports about the man in charge. John evaluated the case, gave me options, and helped me understand what was going on while providing a roadmap to how the claim or complaint would come to an end. He was able to get me more than I wanted, more quickly than he promised.”

M.H (Confidential 90k+ Settlement)

I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome of my case, which John took on despite there being several disadvantages that would knowingly make it a difficult one to win. He truly cared about the position I had been put in my landlord/tenant dispute, and pushed forth as though he felt the pain I had gone through. Great lawyer, great guy, and someone I am very proud to know. Thank you John!

Allison B

Brockmeier Law Group gets maximum results with a minimum of stress to its clients. John and his team have the legal knowledge, professional skills and ability to accurately assess your case and gauge the outcome. The firm always took my calls, kept me updated on my case and patiently explained the process. The Brockmeier Law Group will aggressively advocate for you while actively collaborating with you. Because of John’s expertise and demeanor, I trusted him completely to handle things on my behalf to reduce the stress that comes with litigation. And while he strives to resolve your case quickly and to keep costs in line, it’s reassuring to know that if you need a shark, John is your shark. If you want to save time, money and aggravation, go with the sure bet, Brockmeier Law Group

C.B. (Confidential 62k+ Settlement)

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Brockmeier Law Group is a Nationally recognized, award-winning law firm, having defended or collected millions of dollars for our clients since opening our doors, including several high six figure and seven figure settlements. We handle the complex cases that other attorneys can’t, providing personalized legal services to clients both throughout California and nationwide.


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