August 26, 2022

A Car Accident Cause for a Child Being Injured

A child injured in a car accident can be traumatic for parents. However, they are not alone; the party responsible for causing the injury can be held responsible in California, both for immediate recovery as well as long-term rehabilitation. However, many will argue that car insurance is more than enough for anything needed. In reality, this is oftentimes a myth; serious injuries during child development can be long-lasting if not dealt with correctly. This is where families need a personal injury lawyer Orange County resource on their side.

Kids are particularly susceptible to injuries in car accidents for a variety of reasons. First, they aren’t full-size, which means they can be thrown around a lot more during an impact. Typical injuries can include serious bone fractures and breaks, serious and traumatic injury to the head and spine, internal organ damage, burns and even being paralyzed.

In any accident, the first obvious step is to make sure a child is safe and, if injured, brought to medical attention as quickly as possible. Once stabilized and treatment is applied, then the next steps are to make sure the child gets the right care as much as possible, not just enough to provide the minimum, a common problem with standard insurance response.

The Brockmeier Law Group regularly represents clients as a personal injury attorney Orange County resource for vehicle accidents. If your child’s injury happened due to a car accident, our team can help, providing a significant amount of expertise over general legal representation. Because the Brockmeier Law Group has such a long history as a personal injury lawyer in Orange County advocacy for vehicle accident victims, we are one of the most effective choices available for families and full recovery for their children. Call us today to find out more. Don’t settle for minimum care in a typical, generic insurance settlement when your children’s future is at stake.

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