October 21, 2022

Amputation Attorney in Orange County

Accidents and injuries to the body’s extremities could easily lead to an amputation. Auto, truck, motorcycle, or commercial accidents are often the potential reason for traumatic amputation.

An amputation will alter your life forever, and you need the assurance that you will be granted compensation for your injury.

Suppose this occurs in the state of California. In that case, you need to have the assistance of an Orange County personal injury lawyer who is committed to personalized contact with every client.

Types of Amputation

An amputation is the loss of an arm, leg, or both, entirely or partially. The removal of the limb is usually to prevent gangrene. It is an invasive procedure that can take weeks or months to heal. It involves risks and complications.

The most common type of amputation is leg amputation. Professionals can amputate this limb in more than one way:

  • This could be one of many foot amputations or partial removal of the foot.
  • Removal of the foot after it is separated from the leg at the ankle
  • Removing the foot and part of the lower leg at the knee

Also included in the leg amputation category is toe amputation, which may not be caused by accident but by other health issues.

An Orange County Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

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We will decide the best course of action for your legal matter. We will assist you in getting compensated for your catastrophic injury and past and future medical bills.

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