March 25, 2022

Bicycle Laws: Both Vehicular and Pedestrian

Often, bicycle accidents occur because someone is not following the safety rules. Safety rules apply to the driver and cyclists, between pedestrians and bikers, and companies that cause road obstructions. Each bike accident is unique and requires an impartial assessment of what caused the accident and who was at fault. Bikers may be blamed when, in fact, the driver or another person is responsible.

Types of Bicycle Accidents 

Bike accidents happen between a vehicle and a cyclist on the roads and highways and the reasons vary. A vehicle may try to pass a cyclist and not have enough room. They may turn in front of them or come out of a parking lot without looking. Some accidents happen with no other vehicle involved. The cyclist may fall off the bike due to hazards in the road, hitting a guard rail or unexpected roadblock, a dog attacking them, opening car doors, or hitting a pothole.

When you have been involved in a bike accident, an Orange County personal injury attorney can protect your rights and help you get the compensation you deserve. Bike accidents can cause serious injuries and you may need extensive medical treatment after a serious accident. Bike accidents can cause head injuries, broken bones, and other serious conditions.

What To Do When A Bike Accident Occurs

When you ride a bike, it’s important to follow the safety rules, wear a helmet, maintain your bike mechanically, carry a cell phone, and ride defensively. When an accident occurs, call 911 and a friend or relative to get medical attention. Take photos of the accident and go in the ambulance to be checked out medically. A lack of attending to your injuries will not be viewed well by the insurance company and other professionals. Do get the insurance and information from the driver and any names of witnesses if possible. If you are injured, have a friend or family member help you collect the information.

Don’t leave the scene until the police tell you it is ok to leave and don’t discuss the details on social media or with the other party. Often the cyclist is not at fault, and it may be the other party. Call Brockmeier Law Group to discuss the case as we are an experienced Orange County Bicycle Accident Attorney. We know the bicycle ordinances, statutes and laws and that each accident is unique and insurance agencies may not have your best interest. We will protect your rights and fight for justice you deserve. Call us at 310-425-3431 we are the Orange County Accident attorney for the area.


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