September 09, 2022

CA Driving and Cell Phone Use Law

Using a cell phone while driving is dangerous and continues to produce avoidable accidents every day. The problem became so prevalent, that California State had to address it legally to cut down on the number of resulting accidents. California has been very clear on the matter since smartphones became widespread and increased in usage thanks to better connections and far more information access. Driving and phone use don’t mix, period. That includes voice use, app use, texting, and everything else that involves manual control of the phone or mobile device.

If a driver is caught or seen using the device while operating a moving vehicle, he or she is guaranteed a hefty ticket. A second violation increases the amount of financial penalty, and the third one can trigger more serious ramifications, including eventual suspension of driving allowances. However, more severe is the aspect of what happens when a driver using a phone or mobile device in violation of the law causes an accident. California law adds on additional civil responsibility as well as criminal negligence when it applies.

Unfortunately, civil victims still must rely on the court system to pursue their claims. CA cell phone driving laws do not automatically give people a guaranteed recovery, even if the driver involved who hit them or caused an accident was confirmed to be using a phone at the same time. In that regard, a victim needs qualified legal representation to pursue recovery proactively. Too often, just settling for whatever insurance provides ends up being a mistake.

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