June 24, 2022

California Car Accident Internal Bleeding Injuries

You were in a car accident and may feel shaken up at first and then okay after that. Things can be happening inside your body, though.

Internal injuries and internal bleeding are always a risk and can have possibly deadly consequences if not caught early on.

There are several things you should know about your situation. You can have a firm like Brockmeier Law Group pursue a case for you by providing you with a car injury attorney in Orange County, CA after your extreme medication.

Common Internal Bleeding Injuries from Car Accidents

You can have many different parts of your body hurt. Common internal bleeding injuries from car accidents may include:

  • Hemorrhage
  • Fractures
  • Lacerations
  • Severe internal bleeding

You need to see a doctor if this happens. Afterward, a need for legal representation by a car accident attorney in Orange County, CA should happen to penalize or compensate the liable person.

Dangers of Internal Bleeding

The biggest danger is that you could go into shock from losing blood. That can be fatal. You could also wind up with severely damaged organs. These require serious medical attention.

Brockmeier Law Group Can Help You

Going to a hospital is important to ensure that there is nothing going on under your skin that could lead to danger later. If it does turn out that you have internal bleeding injuries and the accident was not your fault, you can contact us at Brockmeier Law Group to pursue compensation with the assistance of an Orange County car accident internal bleeding injury attorney.

Let the experienced attorneys at Brockmeier Law Group help with all your legal needs. We provide services to clients in Irvine, Los Angeles, San Bernardo, San Diego, Orange County, and throughout all of Southern California. Contact us today.

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