September 02, 2022

Car Technology Distractions that Lead to Accidents

Technology these days can be an amazing thing with everything they offer in benefits. Unfortunately, they can also cause enough of a distraction that, when driving, can lead a person into a vehicular accident. Cars always had gadgets added for additional comfort and convenience. Those benefits have ranged from climate controls to entertainment tools. However, with the advent of advanced cellular capability, broadband, and better software, capabilities now provide far more information as well.

Maps Leading to Bad Destinations

Mapping tools are extremely useful, but if a driver is spending too much time looking at a GPS-driven map and not what’s in front of the car, it can turn into a fender-bender very quickly. Worse, sometimes maps are wrong. More than one accident has occurred with a driver following a map religiously on a screen only to end up driving into a non-vehicle area.

Too Many Audio Sensors

There is nothing that alarms drivers more than an unfamiliar sound when driving. That’s often the case with many of the new sensors designed for spatial safety. Many are designed to protect them, but when those sensor alarms turn on without warning, it can have the opposite effect, spooking a driver by surprise.

Cruise Controls That Don’t Respond

A big problem with tech has been automation that malfunctions. The most notable has been cruise control systems. Far more advanced than the original systems that simply locked the engine and disengaged at the push of the brake pedal, these systems now incorporate smart radar systems for speed efficiency, space safety, and instant sensor interpretation. However, when their computer programming glitches, the car can be locked and become uncontrollable, even at high speeds. Most car companies have now initiated controls that disable the system until a mechanic can look at it when something goes wrong. This wasn’t always the case.

Relying on the Right Help for a Recovery

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