November 11, 2022

Hit and Run Accidents in Southern California

You’ve been in an accident. You get out to exchange information with the other driver, but their slightly damaged vehicle drives off without a word, violating California law. You’re left on the roadside without the other party’s information or insurance.

Or you’re in the parking lot when the taillight lens is shattered, and the bumper caved in. There’s not so much a note saying I’m sorry on your windshield.

No one around saw who did it, and the security camera footage of the parking lot isn’t good enough to give you more than the model and color of the car that hit you.

Worst of all, a car hits you. You’re fortunate enough to get away from the impact with only a broken collarbone and a handful of broken ribs.

The driver speeds away while you’re in pain, and you never get a good look at him. You’ve been the victim of a hit and run accident. You feel helpless.

It’s the law in California that a driver must remain at the scene of an accident. You are forced to file an uninsured motorist claim in a hit and run accident. Your insurance company will fight these claims with everything they have because they won’t have the adverse negligent driver’s insurance company to bill for your claim.

Further, a Southern CA hit and run accident lawyer can help you work with your insurance company to get the compensation you need to get back to your life.

You Might Need a Southern CA Personal Injury Attorney

Thousands of hit and run accidents occur annually, and they’re a traumatic experience where lives are altered in a moment of carelessness. Make sure that you’re represented in court by an experienced attorney.

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