February 18, 2022

I was wrongfully terminated after an extended absence of taking care of my child

I was wrongfully terminated after an extended absence of taking care of my child, can I do anything about it?

The Questions To Be Answered

I stayed home from work for an extended period of time to take care of my sick little boy.  When I returned to work, I was promptly terminated for this.  Is this legal?  Do I have any recourse against this employer?  What should I do?  These questions will be answered by Orange County wrongful termination lawyer, Brockmeier Law Group.  Please read until the very end!

What Does the Law Say?

The following information is for pertinent laws in the state of California.  Other states should have similar laws.  If you hire the wrongful termination attorney in Orange County, he or she will make it their business to find out the applicable laws in YOUR state.

In California, the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) says employees can take up to twelve weeks of unpaid leave every year.  One of the legal reasons is to care for a critically ill loved one such as your child.

More about the Family and Medical Leave Act

The FMLA is a FEDERAL policy and is supposed to be upheld in every state in the United States.  If you feel your rights have been violated, there are things you can do about it.  Brockmeier Law Group spells out those things right now.

What Should You Do First?

Call the Orange County wrongful termination attorney, Brockmeier Law Group first and foremost.  If you do not reside there, it is okay.  They can help you on a remote basis.  When it comes time for in-person appearances like in a courtroom, your lawyer will be by your side.

How Can An Attorney Help You?

He or she will be well-versed on employee rights in your state and will do everything in their power to prove yours were violated.  Your representative will represent you with the passion of a lion and ensure you are properly compensated for any hardships that ensued because of your termination.  Call Brockmeier Law Group today!


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