December 18, 2022

Intersections Accidents

Intersections are particularly dangerous for driving because they involve traffic going in conflicting directions. It exponentially creates a much more dangerous risk of driving than the simpler issues of all traffic moving in the same direction.

Mistakes can frequently happen when traffic is congested, and drivers are tired or cannot see the road around them clearly. No surprise, intersection collisions make up a high number of vehicle accidents annually. They also tend to be some of the harder accidents to clearly determine the cause because of so many conflicting events happening all at once.

Why Intersections Are Challenging

By their nature, intersections involve road crossings that practically lead to collisions if not controlled. It’s impossible to have traffic flowing in two or more different directions and crossing paths without some kind of coordination and sequence of wait and go. That is why traffic lights and traffic controls are essential.

However, even with all these systems and warnings in place, intersection accidents happen for a variety of reasons, including speeding, not following traffic rules, poor visibility, bad road conditions such as rain, and more.

What To Do in an Intersection Accident

The first thing anyone should confirm is if they are injured. Next, do the same for any passengers and the other drivers. If injured, call for help immediately via 911.

Intersection accidents are notorious for not being described well by individuals because there are simply too many details to cover. If one can walk away from the vehicle, begin by taking photographs of anything and everything visible. With photographs on a mobile device, a lot can be captured that isn’t remembered by witnesses or the parties involved.

Combining the related police report and insurance reports as well as statements, a traffic attorney can utilize the photographs to pinpoint the cause and recovery of an injured driver.

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