December 02, 2022

Low-Impact Collision

People are tired, distracted, trying to get to work or home, and the timing of what is otherwise a complicated dance with cards goes sideways.

One of the most frustrating and yet common car accidents tends to be low-impact collisions. Especially during congested times, intersection mistakes and accidents happen a lot.

While most impacts can be fender-benders due to slow speed, some are occasionally worse with drivers going too fast.

What Is a Low-Impact Collision?

In the world of car accidents, low-impact collisions, or fender-benders, tend to impact where cars have hit each other at slower speeds. It’s enough to cause significant damage to the involved vehicles, but the accident level doesn’t automatically put drivers or passengers from possible injuries. That said, people can still have serious injuries, such as sprains, whiplash, head concussions, or similar.

Complicated Accountability

The big problem with intersection accidents is trying to figure out what happened and whose fault it is. Aside from probably being disoriented and injured, most drivers don’t see everything that happened in the seconds leading up to the accident, so a lot of details can be missed.

It tends to be resolved with witness statements, driver reports, police reports, and documentation of evidence that signals what the drivers involved were probably doing before the impact. Sometimes evidence easily exists, such as skid marks or the angle of the cars going into the impact point. Other times, video cameras owned by the city or neighbors have recorded the details (which, of course, tends to be far better).

Legal Help Making Sense of a Confusing Accident

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