Brockmeier Law Group first opened our doors in 2009, in the height of the Great Recession, when other firms were laying off workers and trying to find a way to continue the legal practices they had before the market changed. We began and continue to serve our clients with the same recipe of personalized contact and an eye towards both the recovery for each of our clients, and keeping an eye on each clients individualized goals in their cases. We handle a variety of cases and clients both in litigation and contract drafting in negotiation – so we know what it takes to get desired results for all of our clients.

Workplace Harassment

Employment Law Attorneys in Irvine CA

If you’ve experienced harassment in the workplace, Brockmeier Law Group (BLG) will help you get the recovery you deserve.

Potential Workplace Harassment

  • Sexual
  • Verbal
  • Visual
  • Physical

Potential Workplace Harassment Scenarios

  • Harassment based on gender, race, disability, sexuality, etc.
  • Intimidating work environment
  • Hostile work environment
  • Offensive and/or unwelcomed conduct; i.e., jokes, slurs, requests for dates, unwanted sexual behaviors, etc.