March 19, 2021

Red Flags in Real Estate Brokers

Red Flags your Real Estate Agent Is Sending You. 

He Doesn’t Appear to Be in Your Corner. 

A real estate agent needs to have your best interests at heart at all times. You need to be able to trust your agent. Rather than trustworthy, the agent may appear to be slick. You need to form a relationship with someone interested in your needs only. 

She Doesn’t Concern Herself with the Fact that You Have a Budget. 

You discussed your price range with the agent, but she insists on showing you homes that are outside of your price range. This decision is yours and not your agent’s. Before she shows you a house outside of your budget, she needs to ask you first. 

He Doesn’t Have Experience as a Real Estate Agent. 

Your agent needs to have experience buying homes in the market in which you want to search for a home. If he doesn’t have this experience, it is better to look for someone else. 

He Doesn’t Value Your Time. 

A good agent knows when you need him, but he also gives you some space to discuss things with the home inspector if you need to do so. Most importantly, he talks to you when you call and doesn’t hand you over to an assistant. 

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