June 03, 2022

Single-Vehicle Car Accidents in California

You recently had a car accident and no one else was around—a single-vehicle car accident. What can you do next?

Before you decide to search car accident attorney in Irvine, CA for a firm like Brockmeier Law Group, you should know what you can or cannot ask for compensation for.

What Causes A Single-Vehicle Car Accident?

There can be a variety of things that cause this. They range from:

  • rubbernecking
  • being sleepy
  • having slow reflexes
  • natural event occurring

You can ask car accident lawyers in Irvine if you are not sure.

How Can You Tell Who is at Fault?

You can determine yourself to be at fault if you do things like rubberneck or fall asleep. If you were drinking, then you will be liable and arrested.

Other times, it is not as easy, like flash flooding, a tree falling into the road, or hitting a deer. Then that can depend on the circumstances.

One set of circumstances could lead to your collision insurance paying for the damage.

Like the deer, if you have this happen and swerve to avoid hitting it and hit a pole instead, that would fall under the collision insurance. If you hit the deer, it depends on your driver’s insurance plan.

Brockmeier Law Group Can Help

You can consult with Irvine CA single-vehicle car accident attorneys to see if you were at fault. If involved in one and need representation—contact Brockmeier Law Group now!

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