November 30, 2020

The most common injuries from dog bites

Each year, many people are bitten by dogs that leave serious injuries. When a dog hasn’t been trained or cared for in the correct manner, they can often become extremely stressed when around people that they do not know.

When a dog is frightened or senses a threat, the dog may lash out and bite as a defensive move. When a dog bite is deep, occurs on the face, or is over a large area, the injured victim could be facing severe injuries according to one prominent dog bite lawyer in Irvine.

Common Injuries From Dog Bites

Dogs have sharp teeth that are able to chew rough materials, and a dog may even chomp up a bone in almost no time. Some of the most common injuries from dog bites include the typical small superficial bite that is little more than a graze injury states a knowledgeable Irvine dog bite lawyer who has won many successful dog bite lawsuits.

Other bites are described as puncture wounds that pierce and break the skin. According to one local Irvine dog bite attorney, the dog bite should be promptly evaluated by a medical specialist.

Other common dog bite injuries include:

  • Eye Injuries
  • Facial Wounds
  • Head & Neck Type Injuries
  • Nerve Injuries Causing Damage
  • Broken Bones
  • Deep Lacerations
  • Muscle Damage
  • Significant Scars
  • Hand/Finger Damage
  • Infection of the Wounds
  • Rabies & More

Serious dog bites often require extensive medical care and possible rehabilitation. Victims often need mental-health counseling for traumatic emotional distress.

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