April 12, 2023

Types of Car Accidents That Lead to Neck Injuries

Car accidents happen every day. While some are minor, others can cause serious injuries. One of the most serious injuries caused by car accidents is neck injuries. Neck injuries from a car accident can range from minor sprains to major issues like herniated discs, fractures, and nerve damage.

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This article discusses the different types of car accidents that can result in neck injuries.

Rear-End Collisions

A rear-end collision is the most common type of car accident that results in a neck injury. When someone hits your car from behind, the force causes your neck to snap forward and then back again. This commonly results in whiplash, a common neck injury caused by car accidents.

T-Bone Collisions

A T-bone collision is when the front of someone’s car rams right into the side of your car at a perpendicular angle. The force causes your body to jerk sideways, often leading to neck injuries like whiplash.

Head-on Collisions

A head-on collision occurs when the front of someone’s car hits the front of your car head-on. The force causes your neck to snap forward, then backward, resulting in whiplash or more severe neck injuries.


In a rollover accident, your car may roll several times, causing your body to be thrown around. This can lead to serious neck injuries.

Neck injuries can lead to pain, stiffness, and loss of movement, and when severe, can lead to paralysis. If you have suffered a neck injury in a car accident, contact an Irvine car accident lawyer for help. Based on your case, we can get you the highest car accident neck injury settlement amount in California.

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