December 14, 2020

What is Alternative Dispute Resolution?

Alternative Dispute Resolution or ADR is when people settle their disputes without filing a lawsuit. Instead, they enter into negotiations, arbitration, or mediation. This option is less expensive than filing a lawsuit, and it doesn’t require as much time. The benefit of ADR proceedings is that both sides can come to understand the other side in much greater detail than if a lawsuit is filed. There is also the possibility that the parties will come up with a more creative way to solve their differences than a court can allow.

The Terms You Must Know in ADR

Arbitration: This is like a very informal trial. An impartial arbitrator presides over the proceedings and listens to both sides of the question. Then, he or she renders a decision. The decision can be non-binding or binding.

Non-Binding or Binding: If the decision is binding, both parties must agree to accept it. If the decision is non-binding, the parties may disregard it.

Arbitrator: The arbitrator is an impartial actor with the power to end a conflict by hearing from both sides. The arbitrator will be the one to offer a decision in the case.

Mediation: A mediator works with both sides over a significant period of time in order to bring both parties to a decision with which they can agree. These decisions are usually non-binding.

Hearing: This is when an arbitrator or mediator hears arguments and evidence from both sides of an issue with the purpose of issuing a ruling.

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