November 16, 2020

What to do after a hit-and-run

After being injured in an accident, you must take several steps to ensure that the at-fault motorist can be caught. The other thing you need to do is hire a car accident attorney Irvine so that you can obtain compensation from the guilty party.

1. Examine the Other Vehicle.

The other vehicle will be running away, but you need to watch it so that you can record the pertinent details. The make, model, and color of the car are extremely important. If you can see the license plate, that will be great too. The car might have been damaged during the collision. Try to see the person in the driver’s seat. Note the direction that the car was going at that moment.

Immediately write down everything you saw.

2. Find Witnesses.

Witnesses will be very important because they may have been able to see everything at a better angle than you could. You will need to take these witnesses’ information down so that your Irvine car accident lawyer can interview them later.

3. Take Photographs.

Take pictures of the accident scene. Specifically, take photographs of the area that was damaged on your car and any injuries that you or your passengers suffered. If another property was damaged in the collision, make sure to take photos of this as well.

4. Notify the Police.

When the police arrive, you will be able to give them information about the other vehicle and a description of the driver. Along with helping the police find the cause of the collision, he or she will have the information to add to his or her report. The police report is an official record that your Irvine car accident attorney will need when he or she is working on your case.

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