December 13, 2021

Who is responsible for my injuries due to an accident in an Uber?

In the state of California, the driver determined to be at-fault in a vehicle accident is responsible for injuries. The law in California requires all vehicle owners to carry a minimum amount of financial responsibility insurance. These amounts are $15,000/$30,000/$5,000 insurance coverage amounts. This coverage offers a maximum of $15,000 for death or injury for each individual involved.

Uber Drivers Are Financially Responsible

California law requires Uber drivers to have sufficient coverage in the event of an accident. However, the Uber driver’s actions depend on how much coverage the passenger is entitled to. In California, there are 3 distinctive planes to liability limits, such as:

• Was the driver in the process of picking of a passenger
• If the driver was not driving, but logging into the app/awaiting a passenger
• Or, the driver was on their own time and not logged into the Uber application

If You are Hurt in an Accident

If your Uber driver was why the accident occurred, there are various considerations the law takes into account regarding liability. The Irvine Uber accident attorney helps go over this to determine compensation.

Some considerations are whether the driver is an independent contractor, an employee, or on personal time. The status of an Uber driver also affects the compensation passengers may recover for damages.

Unfortunately, insurance limits are not enough to cover all damages. This leaves the injured party to handle all costs on their own. In this case, you need an Irvine rideshare accident lawyer experienced in these types of cases.

How an Attorney Can Help

An Irvine rideshare accident attorney will talk on your behalf to all parties involved and negotiate fair compensation for your injuries. The Irvine Uber accident lawyer will present your case to the court and make an acceptable offer all parties can agree on.


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