February 25, 2022

Why Premises Liability Protects You on Someone Else’s Property

If one ever wondered what homeowners insurance or property insurance was for, then premises liability is the answer. As a general catchall for any type of injury that happens on a property owned by a private individual or entity, if the property owner left or created a risk and someone got hurt, that owner is going to be liable for the injury and recovery.

Generally, every property owner has a duty, an expectation, to take care of their property in such a way that it is not a threat to someone else. Whether that person is visiting or simply in the area, the owner is responsible for making sure that there is not a risk that could predictably harm someone and the owner did nothing to prevent it. This duty becomes even greater when the owner allows other people onto the property knowing that they will be exposed to the risk if it is present and he or she could have controlled it. When a person then gets injured, the owner can be sued by Orange County premises liability attorneys for being negligent and allowing harm that could have been avoided.

The range of issues that can be involved cover everything from a dog bite from the owner’s pet to exposed wiring to a tripping hazard to faulty flooring that causes a person to slip and fall. The owner can then be held responsible for covering the victim’s medical bills, recovery expenses, loss of income due to the injury and related disability, any kind of permanent harm that causes disfigurement, and general suffering or pain.

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