September 22, 2023

Workplace Discrimination: Age Discrimination Both Ways

Age discrimination in the workplace is a pervasive issue that can affect employees at both ends of the age spectrum. Despite laws aimed at combating such practices, age discrimination remains an obstacle for both older and younger employees in California. Continue reading to further understand the nuances of age discrimination in the workplace in California, offering insights into how workplace discrimination attorneys in Los Angeles County can assist you.

The Dual Nature of Workplace Age Discrimination

Age discrimination affects both older and younger employees in California. While California law is primarily geared towards the protection of older workers, the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) provides guidelines aimed at preventing age discrimination in all its forms, benefiting workers at both ends of the age spectrum.

Older workers often face:

  • Unfair Hiring Practices: Employers may favor younger candidates over older ones, even when the latter are equally or more qualified.
  • Limited Promotions: Older employees can find their career trajectory stunted, and overlooked for promotions despite their experience and qualifications.

While less talked about, younger workers also experience age discrimination in various forms:

  • Salary Inequality: Younger employees often receive lower compensation compared to older employees for similar roles.
  • Lack of Professional Development: Employers might underestimate younger workers’ ambitions, leading to fewer growth opportunities.

Age discrimination continues to be a pressing issue in California workplaces both ways — against older and younger generations. If you’re experiencing age discrimination in California, consulting with a Los Angeles County CA workplace discrimination attorney is crucial.

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