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March 26, 2021

5 Tips on Independent Contractor Agreements

When hiring employees, it is essential to make sure that you are distinguishing between employees and independent contractors. Failing to do so can lead you to find yourself in a situation where the courts might question whether your employee should actually be classified as an independent contractor. An important area to consider is your independent […]

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March 19, 2021

Red Flags in Real Estate Brokers

Red Flags your Real Estate Agent Is Sending You.  He Doesn’t Appear to Be in Your Corner.  A real estate agent needs to have your best interests at heart at all times. You need to be able to trust your agent. Rather than trustworthy, the agent may appear to be slick. You need to form […]

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March 12, 2021

6 Common Myths About Car Accidents

Calling a car accident attorney Irvine is one of the most important things that you can do after a car accident. It is also important for you to have all of the facts. There are several myths about car accidents that need to be debunked.  Myth: The Insurance Company Will Pay for Everything  The insurance […]

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March 05, 2021

Wrongful Death: How is it Defined?

What Is a Wrongful Death?  A wrongful death is one that was caused by the negligence of another party.  How Do You File for Wrongful Death?  Before you can file a wrongful death claim, you must be one of the following:  The spouse of the deceased person. The domestic partner of the deceased person. The […]

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February 26, 2021

The importance of evaluating a home before you sign

Selling your home involves many steps. Getting your house appraised is one of the most critical. It is the only way that you will secure the best price possible for your house. There are many vendors that do such work. They cannot all be trusted to do a good job. Your best option is to […]

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February 19, 2021

The Importance of Capacity to Contract Law

Every day individuals and businesses enter into contractual agreements with the assistance of a business litigation lawyer in Irvine CA. However, there are instances where the validity of a contract may be called into question. Once such instance deals with the capacity to enter into a contract. Legal capacity is simply the ability to enter […]

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February 12, 2021

Your First Steps To Take After Being Bitten By a Dog

Dogs are often called man’s best friend. However, dog bites are a fairly common problem. If you have been bitten by a dog, then you can call a dog bite lawyer Irvine. There are also several steps that you need to take if you have been bitten by a dog.  Identify the Dog  An Irvine […]

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February 05, 2021

What Does Comparative Negligence Mean In My Motorcycle Case?

Motorcycles can be fun and offer licensed operators a great deal of freedom and fresh air when they drive. However, such transportation crafts can also result in serious accidents when involved in collisions with larger vehicles like cars or trucks.  Occasionally, motorcycle mishaps might be the direct result of a car or truck driver’s negligence. […]

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January 22, 2021

What You should know about online legal drafting services

Today, it has become common for anyone who needs any type of written agreement or contract to rely on an online service in an effort to avoid hiring a business litigation attorney in Irvine CA. While this practice at first might seem as though it would save money and even time, that is usually far […]

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January 15, 2021

Top 5 Tips to Avoid Contract Disputes

Contract disputes can sometimes arise during the course of conducting business. By adhering to the following steps and working with a business litigation attorney in Irvine CA, it is possible to avoid contract disputes.  One of the primary reasons that contract disputes can arise is that business partners do not always have the same ideas. […]

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