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Business Disputes

Irvine Business Litigation Attorney

Effectively handling a dispute from its inception is critical to a company’s bottom line.

Potential Disputes

  • Trade secret disputes
  • Insurance disputes
  • Post-closing disputes
  • Partnership disputes

How to prepare for Business litigation

Business seem too often take a “wait-and-see approach” to legal disputes, and transactions, hoping to keep the legal fees down when drafting the agreements, and hoping to avoid them if a dispute comes up. These individuals do not want to confront litigation until a suit is filed. This mindset makes many companies commonly make decisions based on fear of litigation, and even threatened litigation, that have not thought about prior to the threat being made.

The first step in preparing for disputes is engaging a legal advisor or attorney to notify immediately in the event a lawsuit is brought or threatened. An experienced attorney can provide immediate advice and support in situations necessitating quick decisions.

Preparation for litigation by reviewing the organization’s practices with your attorney is key. He or she can help you identify which areas of your business are particularly vulnerable to potential legal issues. Your attorney can advise you on ways to protect your company.

Litigation is always a possibility in any venture, small medium or large. Liability does not sleep for the small business owner. If your business is unprepared or forced to make decisions without the advice of experienced counsel, it may find itself disadvantaged both before and after a suit is filed.