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Realtor Liability

Realtors Liability Attorneys in Irvine CA

Realtors are held to high standards of care and their liability is increased with each agent they employ. When a realtor is hired by a seller, he/she is agreeing to use good faith efforts to sell the real property in exchange for a commission. A listing agreement can be open, net, exclusive agency, or exclusive right to sell.

Realtors are exposed to liability in a number of different ways during a real estate transaction. Realtors brokers are under a general duty to supervise their agents and may be liable for any of their actions. This liability can include non-disclosure by the agent or the broker, misrepresentation, breach of duty, or inadequate record-keeping. When a real estate transaction goes wrong, the real estate agent are usually the targets of a lawsuit, in addition to the seller and/or buyer in the deal, depending on the facts of each case. Brokers and their companies are considered fiduciaries in California, even if they obtain “dual representation” of both the buyer and the seller – a practice this not permitted in many States.