February 10, 2023

Back Injuries That Can Happen as a Result of a Car Accident

Back injuries are among the most prevalent injuries in car accidents in San Bernardino, CA. Visiting a doctor for a back injury examination after an auto accident is vital. If you have sustained a back injury from a car accident, you can seek compensation from the liable party.

The average settlement for a car accident back injury ranges from $21,000, depending on the type and severity of the back injury. You should enlist the help of a reputable Irvine personal injury attorney in pursuing your compensation.

Let us explore the top back injuries from auto collisions.

1. Whiplash

Whiplash injuries often occur in rear-end collisions where the neck and head are forcefully propelled forward while the rest of the body stays still. This injury often causes damage to tissues, muscles, and ligaments in the neck, leading to fatigue, neck stiffness, dizziness, pain, and blurred vision.

2. Spinal Cord Injuries

The force of the accident’s impact can cause the spinal cord to be bruised, cut, or even severed. The severing or laceration of the spinal cord can lead to permanent paralysis.

3. Spinal Stenosis

Although car accidents are not the direct cause of spinal stenosis, they can accelerate the onset of symptoms in persons with asymptomatic spinal stenosis. Generally, a person with spinal stenosis could start experiencing symptoms of the ailment years before they otherwise would have after a car accident.

4. Herniated Discs

The discs between the vertebrae can experience significant force during an accident. As a result, the discs could shift and compress the nerves, causing chronic pain and numbness.

5. Spinal Fractures

You will likely suffer spinal fractures in a car crash if your seat belt is not working properly. You will experience chronic pain in the injured area of the spine. The pain often intensifies with actions such as walking, sitting, and breathing heavily.

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