February 03, 2023

Involved in a Car Accident With a Negligent Driver Under the Influence of Alcohol. What Type of Compensation Am I Entitled To?

Unfortunately, many individuals across the country make the terrible mistake of getting behind the wheel intoxicated. When this happens, accidents can easily occur. Anyone in an accident involving a driver under the influence may sustain injuries and a loss of income. This is why it is important to have competent legal representation.

Did a Drunk Driver Hit You?

If you were hit by a drunk driver and sustained injuries, you have a good case to win compensation. Before moving forward with any case, selecting the right legal representation is important. A professional attorney can quickly gather information and documentation to compile a strong case against the defendant.

As soon as an accident happens and you can contact your attorney, it is important to have them handle the case and advise you on what to do and what not to do for the best outcome.

Individuals injured in drunk driving accidents will likely have mounting debt and hospital bills that need to be paid. Depending on the severity of the injury, they may also require ongoing medical care, medical equipment, and mobility equipment.

In many cases, the victim of an accident is out of work for prolonged lengths of time during the recovery. In more severe instances, the injured party may be permanently unable to work.

Your attorney can effectively gather details to submit to the court to help get financial support for daily needs, medical care, and equipment.

Get Legal Help

Get immediate legal help from a personal injury attorney in Orange County today to get started receiving the compensation you need. Drunk driving in California is a serious problem that can affect a person’s long-term life.

However, there are legal professionals standing by, ready to help you get your case moving forward so you can get the financial assistance necessary to avoid mounting debt and provide essential care. Brockmeier Law Group encourages you to call us today and have a consultation with our personal injury attorney in Orange County about your case.

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