January 08, 2021

Non-Disclosure agreements: Why You Need Them

To maintain a strong competitive edge in today’s business world, it is often a good idea to hire a business litigation attorney in Irvine CA to assist you with drafting an NDA or non-disclosure agreement. This type of agreement requires all parties involved to agree not to share proprietary, secret, protected, or confidential information that might be considered trade secret information. An NDA might be a good idea in situations in which an unpatented concept, idea, or new design needs to be protected. 

It may be helpful to work with a business litigation lawyer in Irvine CA to create a non-disclosure agreement in other situations, as well. For instance, this type of agreement might be beneficial when presenting any kind of sensitive business records, including financial information, such as to prospective investors. Employees may be required to sign such agreements when disclosure of sensitive information is necessary in order for the employee to be able to perform essential duties related to his or her job. 

If you are considering requiring or signing a non-disclosure agreement, the best way to make certain your rights are protected or that the agreement is written correctly is to consult an Irvine business litigation attorney. An experienced Irvine business litigation lawyer will make certain the agreement is completely enforceable and contains all of the relevant information, including how the relevant information will be utilized, to whom the information will be disclosed, how the information should be used and any relevant timelines regarding the use of that information. 

Brockmeier Law Group will work to make certain your non-disclosure agreement is customized to your specific situation. In the event you are required to sign an NDA, we will walk you through the agreement while making certain you understand precisely what is required of you should you sign the agreement.

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