March 18, 2022

Obstructed Walkways and Sidewalks: A Danger to All

Who is liable?

Property and commercial owners are responsible for maintaining the safe condition of public sidewalks next to their property according to California State Law. If the owner causes direct damage to the sidewalk, they are deemed liable.

The city, contractors, builders, landscapers, government, and adjacent neighbors could be liable due to the situation. For example, if a contractor is hired and damages the sidewalk, they are liable to repair the sidewalk.

If the government is at fault for any damage to the sidewalk, they are liable for maintaining the sidewalk.

What if the sidewalk is not maintained?

An unmaintained sidewalk can lead to what is called a “dangerous condition.” A “dangerous condition” would potentially create a substantial risk of injury. Minor defects are not deemed dangerous according to Government Code Section 830(a) and 830.2. If you slip and fall, Brockmeier Law Group can be your Orange County slip and fall attorney.

If you are a property owner in California, it is imperative to learn the municipal ordinances that apply to your property. The property owner should always maintain their sidewalk and keep it in good repair.

What type of evidence should be recorded?

As a property owner, communication is vital regarding sidewalk maintenance. Note all the communication you have with others in regards to the sidewalk. Call the Orange County premises liability attorneys, Brockmeier Law Group. They can assist you by contacting the municipality on your behalf.

How your attorney can help

Call the Orange County personal injury attorney, Brockmeier Law Group. They will assist you with the process and be with you every step. Don’t reside in Orange County? Brockmeier Law Group can help you remotely. Should you have to appear in court, your lawyer will be present with you. Your attorney will ensure you are compensated appropriately for any injuries faced.




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