August 12, 2022

Road Rage, How to Respond Correctly

For a situation that sounds like something out of the Road Warrior script and movie, road rage unfortunately has continued to be a problem on California roads and highways. Often associated with an assumption that one has anonymity on the highway, some people are unable to control their tempers and generally try to lash out immediately against someone else while driving. Vehicles have never been 100 percent safe, even in the best of situations. When combined with someone who is having an anger management problem, they can become deadly in an Orange County car accident.

Victims of anger management usually expect that the police will fix everything after an event, especially a serious one that causes harm and property damage. However, the role and job of law enforcement is to stop violations of the law and contain those that do such actions. They have no responsibility for restoring things back to the status quo, even if the law provides those remedies. Instead, the civil court system is responsible for recovery, assuming parties file a lawsuit to pursue it.

As a result, victims of a road rage accident who want to make sure the party responsible pays for the damage caused by their outbursts need to have an expert on their side. The Brockmeier Law Group is particularly suited for this type of challenge, with our team heavily experienced at finding responsibility legally for vehicle accidents and damage. Whether a road rage accident or negligent driving that could have been avoided, our team will make sure those responsible are held responsible for our client’s recovery. As a personal injury attorney Orange County resource, we can navigate the court system with expertise, especially in application of the vehicle code and caselaw. Call us to find out how we can help. You don’t need to be a victim again to road rage effects.

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