February 05, 2021

What Does Comparative Negligence Mean In My Motorcycle Case?

Motorcycles can be fun and offer licensed operators a great deal of freedom and fresh air when they drive. However, such transportation crafts can also result in serious accidents when involved in collisions with larger vehicles like cars or trucks. 

Occasionally, motorcycle mishaps might be the direct result of a car or truck driver’s negligence. That said, an Irvine personal injury lawyer cautions those injured in such events that ultimate success in such civil actions is subject to a legal process known as pure comparative negligence. 

Proving Fault 

Motorcycle accidents fall under the purview of personal injury law. A noted car accident attorney Irvine wants prospective clients to know that earning compensation in such suits hinges on their capacity to demonstrate fault. 

In instances where motorcycle accident disputes proceed to trial, a ruling entity like a jury or judge will hear the facts surrounding the case and assign both the plaintiff and accused party a specific percentage of fault. 

Pure Comparative Negligence 

California civil code adheres to a principle known as pure comparative negligence. This affords plaintiffs the opportunity to recoup damages even if they are found as much as 99 percent at fault. 

In simpler terms, this means a complainant would receive one percent of the damages they sought. Therefore, if they looked to recover $100,000, they would still be awarded $1,000. 

The Importance Of A Motorcycle Accident Attorney In Irvine CA 

The fair terms of pure comparative negligence aside, the experience and skill set of a reputable motorcycle accident lawyer could increase a plaintiff’s chances at an even more favorable outcome. 

Said legal professional will strive to convince a judging body of the defendant’s guilt by performing actions, such as investigating and recreating the accident scene, identifying the accused party’s negligible driving record or criminal past, interviewing eyewitnesses, reviewing reports authored by police and traffic engineers, and procuring medical records. 

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