December 28, 2020

When Can I Sue My Realtor?

Realtors play an important role. These professionals often procure prospective residences for individuals while shepherding and expediting the process by which home sales and purchases are made.

Therefore, significant trust is placed in a real estate agent’s knowledge and judgment. Unfortunately, however, occasions might arise when said subjects do not always act in their client’s best interests. Luckily, impacted individuals might be able to take legal action against such parties.

The Brockmeier Law Group, a team of real estate attorneys in Irvine, invites Southern California residents thinking of selling or purchasing property to read this important article discussing when one can sue a real estate professional.

Specific Circumstances

A real estate attorney Irvine reminds potential clients that two of the more common acts realtors could be subject to civil litigation for are failure to disclose and breach of contract.

Failure To Disclose

Real estate agents are sworn to be completely transparent about any property under their authority. That said, certain unprincipled professionals might withhold specific information in an attempt to sell said holding and earn a hefty profit.

In legal terms, this is called failure to disclose or identify. For example, a specific house or apartment might have an underlying electrical problem that the agent in question fails to notify potential buyers or renters of. Said problem could ultimately be expensive to fix and even cause danger to unsuspecting residents.

Breach Of Contract

Typically, prospective home buyers or sellers enter into a contract with a real estate professional. This legally-binding document dictates the responsibilities both parties have. Should the realtor fail to live up to their duties, they might have committed breach of contract.

Contacting Us

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