March 11, 2022

Who is Liable for Staircase Accidents in California

Seeking Legal Assistance After a Stairway Accident

Stairway accidents injure thousands every year in California and elsewhere in the country, and a large number result in death. If you have been harmed in a stairway accident and require financial assistance to deal with your injuries, you should consider seeking help from an Orange County personal injury attorney. You should specifically turn to the services available from the Brockmeier Law Group.

After the Accident

If you have been injured in a stairway accident that you believe resulted from the negligence of someone else, you are justified in seeking financial damages from the responsible party. These are some common factors in stairway mishaps:

1) Slippery surfaces

2) Obstructions to the walking area

3) Inadequate lighting

4) The lack of handrails

5) Defects due to faulty maintenance

After the accident, you may require compensation to cover medical expenses or lost wages due to your inability to work. Damages may also be sought to compensate for the pain and suffering related to your injury. However, no compensation should be taken for granted. An Orange County staircase accident attorney can give you the vital representation that you need for your case to be successful.

Proving Your Case

You as the plaintiff will have to prove that the owner or responsible party understood the risks involved and failed to take the necessary actions to resolve them. You will also have to prove that the accident was directly responsible for your injuries. Attorneys understand building requirements and other issues and can provide important advice. They can also help you with such issues as the statute of limitations, which is the time available to take legal action.

Your Right to Justice

The civil court system gives you the right to seek compensation, and Orange County premises liability attorneys can help you obtain the justice that you deserve. If you have been injured in a stairway accident, consider contacting the Brockmeier Law Group.

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