October 02, 2020

Why You Should Take Photos After a Premises Liability Injury

If you are injured on another’s property, then you may have a personal injury case under the legal theory of premises liability. When you have a premises liability injury, it is important to take photographs. These photographs may prove useful in making a claim for compensation. 

Why should you take photos after a premises liability injury? 

After you sustain an injury on another’s property, it is important to take photos of the accident scene and your injuries. The photographs will help preserve the scene of the accident and provide evidence of the hazards that caused your injuries. 

Following many premises liability accidents, the property owner may take action to remove the hazards involved or otherwise make the accident scene look different. By taking photographs, you will be able to show what the scene actually looked like and identify the hazards. This will be useful evidence to show that the property owner should be liable for your injuries. 

Photographing your injuries can also be helpful to establish that your injuries are legitimate. These photos will also help portray the seriousness of your injury and provide further insight into the accident. 

Why should you contact an Irvine personal injury lawyer? 

A personal injury attorney Irvine can review your case and provide an opinion as to whether you qualify for a premises liability claim. A personal injury lawyer Irvine can provide legal representation to help you pursue a claim. An attorney will provide legal advice about how to proceed and what evidence will be needed. 

During the claims process, an attorney will advocate for you to receive a fair settlement that covers your expenses and provides additional compensation for all of the damages that you sustained. We will help you know what to expect and what is fair. 

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