July 15, 2022

Wrong-Way Car Crashes

If you have sustained injuries due to a wrong way crash, contact a car accident attorney Irvine immediately. The attorneys at Brockmeier Law Group can help you receive the justice you deserve.

Common Causes

In many highly populated areas, there’s often a road that only travels in one direction. Some areas contain both one way and two way roads often confuse drivers.

Perhaps you are visiting from out of town, and you are unfamiliar with driving through these areas. You may not be aware that a two lane road turns into a one way road, and you collide head on with another driver. Maybe someone else is driving the wrong way down a one way street, which causes them to damage your vehicle.

Research shows that thousands of accidents occur yearly because a driver is talking on their cell phone, texting, or generally taking their eyes off the road for one reason or another.

There are other unique variables to consider. Perhaps the other driver impacts your vehicle because they were trying to avoid a pothole, loose car parts, or animal. Or you are the victim of actions caused by a distracted driver.

Common Injuries

Wrong way crashes generally result in substantial damage to the vehicles involved and fatal injuries to the drivers. Research shows that many head on accident victims suffer concussions, broken bones and serious cuts, back and neck injuries, and extensive head trauma. In the worst case scenario, drivers suffer fatal injuries. Some drivers sustain injuries that will impact them for the rest of their lives.

While some wrong way accidents happen because of reckless drivers, there are some scenarios where they occur due to confusion. Contacting a car accident attorney Irvine is your best option if you’ve sustained an injury.

The attorneys at Brockmeier Law Group will evaluate your case. They will analyze the scene by reviewing accident footage and speaking to eyewitnesses. They’ll also evaluate your medical records to determine the compensation you can claim.

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