February 12, 2021

Your First Steps To Take After Being Bitten By a Dog

Dogs are often called man’s best friend. However, dog bites are a fairly common problem. If you have been bitten by a dog, then you can call a dog bite lawyer Irvine. There are also several steps that you need to take if you have been bitten by a dog. 

Identify the Dog 

An Irvine dog bite lawyer recommends that you identify the dog. You should also try to find out if the dog has an owner. If the dog ran away after it bit you, then it is probably a stray. You will need to take photos of the dog bite. 

Get Medical Attention 

Even if you don’t think that you are hurt badly, an Irvine dog bite attorney will still recommend that you get the bite checked out. A dog bite can easily become infected if the skin has been broken. Go to the emergency room if you suspect that the bite is serious. 

Care for the Wound at Home 

If you do decide to treat the bite at home, then you will need to clean it with water and mild sound. Dog bites can carry bacteria. Washing the bite is the best thing that you can do to get rid of bacteria. 

Report the Dog Bite 

You should report the dog bite to the local health department. If the dog was a stray, then you will probably need to get rabies shots. You should also report the dog bite to animal control. 

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The dog bite laws in California can be hard for you to understand. That is why you need a dog bite attorney Irvine CA. They can help you understand your case. They will also help you get the compensation that you need for your medical bills, pain and suffering as well as lost wages.              

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