July 16, 2021

Your Guide to Overtime Adjustments

Overtime Adjustment Laws in California

Overtime wages are payments owed to employees when they work more hours than they usually do throughout the week or day. In California, most non-exempt employees have a legal right to overtime wages that they earned. 

The number of days an employee works, and the length of the employee’s shift determines the amount of overtime he/she is owed. The following table gives a breakdown of the overtime requirements in California. 

Hours Worked Overtime Rates
>8 Hours/Day Time and a Half
>40 Non-overtime Hours/Week Time and a Half
7th Consecutive Day Worked in a Workweek Time and a Half
>12 Hours in a workday Double Time
>8 Hours on the 7th Consecutive Day Double Time


Please note: Time and a half is one and a half times the employee’s normal pay rate. Double time is twice the employee’s normal pay rate. 

Issues That Can Arise if you Don’t Follow These Laws

It is critical for employees to understand how to calculate their overtime pay. If not, the employee may be unpaid the right amount of overtime, which can lead to a form of wage theft.

Employees must also know how to properly calculate their employees’ overtime wages. If they don’t, they may not pay all that is owed to employees who worked overtime hours. And as a result, they will be legally liable to pay what is owed and more.  The largest complaint category filed under California’s wage law is unpaid overtime claims. 

How a Lawyer can Help

This scenario could be detrimental to employers’ finances and possibly their businesses. So, it will behoove employees to hire reputable, California lawyers. Employees must also hire such lawyers to ensure they get all that is owed to them legally. 

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